Giant Pandas: Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Management

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Giant Pandas: Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Management
The giant panda is one of the world’s most recognized animals, but until now the biology of this threatened species has been a mystery. With the environment undergoing unprecedented change at a rapid and accelerating rate, can such a highly specialized species survive? This book summarizes the present state of knowledge about panda biology, encompassing topics such as reproduction, behavior, nutrition, genetics and veterinary medicine. It also provides the latest information on veterinary management, advances in neonatal care, disease detection and prevention and the use of ‘assisted breeding’ to promote reproduction and preserve genetic diversity.
  1. The giant panda as a social, biological and conservation phenomenon
  2. The Giant Panda Biomedical Survey: how it began and the value of people working together across cultures and disciplines
  3. Factors limiting reproductive success in the giant panda as revealed by a Biomedical Survey
  4. Significant medical issues and biological reference values for giant pandas from the Biomedical Survey
  5. Life histories and behavioural traits as predictors of breeding status
  6. Nutrition and dietary husbandry
  7. Male reproductive biology in giant pandas in breeding programmes in China
  8. Endocrinology of the giant panda and application of hormone technology to species management
  9. The value and significance of vaginal cytology
  10. Parentage assessment among captive giant pandas in China
  11. The science of behavioural management: creating biologically relevant living environments in captivity
  12. Evaluating stress and well-being in the giant panda: a system for monitoring
  13. The neonatal giant panda: hand-rearing and medical management
  14. Consequences of early rearing on socialisation and social competence of the giant panda
  15. Medical management of captive adult and geriatric giant pandas
  16. Ultrasonography to assess and enhance health and reproduction in the giant panda
  17. Gastrointestinal endoscopy in the giant panda
  18. Historical perspective of breeding giant pandas ex situ in China and high priorities for the future
  19. Role and efficiency of artificial insemination and genome resource banking
  20. Analysis of demographic and genetic trends for developing a captive breeding masterplan for the giant panda
  21. Partnerships and capacity building for securing giant pandas ex situ and in situ: how zoos are contributing to conservation
Título: Giant Pandas: Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Management
Autor: David E. Wildt
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