Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills

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Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills

Someone once told me “Mountaineering is just like backpacking with less margin for error”. Of course the reality is that there are additional skills, concepts, and so on that you absolutely need to know before hauling yourself onto a rock face or glacier. This book contains all of that – the accumulated wealth of knowledge based on the experience of more than 40 of the world’s best mountaineers. What makes this book so unrivaled?

– Topics are effectively separated into chapters that allow you to find what you need fast
– Information is presented with photos and diagrams to clarify each and every detail
– The writing style is pleasant to read – neither frivolous nor obfuscating
– Everything you ever wanted to know (about mountaineering) is in the book

For more than 30 years, novice to expert climbers around the world have relied on this book as the leading textbook on mountaineering skills, techniques, and equipment. Useful as both an introductory and advanced text, this completely revised and updated edition includes sections on new techniques, outdoor fundamentals, first aid, and more. 420 illustrations. 18 photos.

Before about 1990 there was no deliniation in mountaineering sports. There was none of this, “I am an indoor climber” or “I am a boulder” or “I only do Winter Climbing” etc — if you climbed you did the lot reasonably proficiently. This book was spawned in that era and as such covers just about everything you need to know to climb and stay alive on the slopes. You won’t find tremendous descriptions of all the redundant systems for anchoring, or every sort of arrest for glacier travel, but you will find a good intro to them in this book.

There is also a great section on mountain travel and the basics of rescue as well.

In sum this book is for the all-rounder who seeks to not just max out on his 5.14 move 3 inches off the deck, but also wants to know how to stay alive on a long 3 day 5.4 route along a mountain crest when bad weather closes in. With the desconstruction of society and knowledge getting boxed and marketed in smaller and smaller areas of specialisation, you have people who are competent crag climbers, but who have absolutely no basic skills when it comes to knowing the mountains — in this sense this book is geared towards more that increasingly rarer of species, the mountain man. If more people buy it and use it this breed will not dissapear.

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